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Fiji Fish Limited

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Our Sources

Global Sourcing Hubs
Fiji Fish Limited sources globally to bring sustainable, premium seafood to Hong Kong. We have representative offices in Spain, Fiji and North and South America which act as sourcing hubs to identify the best suppliers in nearby areas.

To date, Fiji Fish Limited is importing seafood from over 10 countries globally. We have made it our mission to introduce premium quality seafood from around the world to people in Hong Kong.


We are the proud exclusive distributor of premium grade Fijian Tuna from Fiji Fish Marketing Group, the largest national fishery in Fiji. The Group takes pride in their top quality products obtained by the most sustainable fishing methods. Fiji Fish Marketing Group's Albacore Tuna Long Line fishery, in particular, has been awarded the Marine Stewardship Council Certification. For more information, please visit Fiji Fish Marketing Group's website: